We offer unparalleled service for our valued customers.


Our team comes from diverse backgrounds serving retail clients across the US in the video game and gift industry. The company started with the goal of bringing our unique brand personal service to the gift card industry.

Our strong wholesale and distribution background has driven the development of innovative programs designed to boost the profits of our retail customers while making it easier than ever to place orders and manage their inventory.

We leveraged our contacts to offer our clients some of the most popular products at excellent prices helping boost their bottom line.


Diverse Opportunities

Based out of downtown Los Angeles, AGS offers diverse opportunities for career development. Our team members are experts in a wide range of fields, including sales, marketing, technology and more.

Industry Growth

The gift card industry has grown year after year in this last decade and as new products are developed our team members have helped create amazing to programs for our clients across the country.

National Scope, Personal Service

Since our inception, our focus has been on providing the best service possible in the prepaid payments industry. Our focus on our customers has helped us grow in one of the most competitive industries.


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