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Why Gift Cards

Easier to use

Recipients are no longer required to hold on to a physical card to make a purchase. Likewise, retailers can now purchase and sell gift cards completely online. It’s never been easier!

Boost Your Customer Loyalty

Thousands of businesses have learned the value of offering customers rewards to boost loyalty. Branded gift cards make ideal rewards as they remember your business why purchasing the item they really want.

Boost Employee Loyalty

Gift cards are a great way to reward employees for extra effort, as year end bonuses, holiday gifts or any occasion.


According to BankRate, 84% of Americans have received a gift card and 72% have given one. By the end of 2014, $124 billion dollars will have been loaded onto gift cards, and sales have been growing for years. A 2014 survey from online retailer Rakuten showed almost three out of four Americans don’t like the gifts they receive. Based on these two studies, most gifts have a 25% approval rating, while gift cards have a 37% approval rating.

Hundreds of Brands

We offer hundreds of gift card brands for you to choose from. Gift cards are available for digital purchase and delivery along with retail packaged plastic cards that can be displayed and sold in store.


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